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Do Weight Loss Medications Like Wegovytm Benefit Afib Patients?

If you follow the news and social media, you’ve undoubtedly seen the meteoric rise in (and shortage of) GLP-1 agonist […]

Next Steps After a Hospital Diagnosis of Afib

Atrial fibrillation, or afib, is common, with approximately 5 million Americans suffering from the condition and a general upward trend […]

Dementia Risk in Afib Patients Treated With Catheter Ablation vs. Antiarrhythmics

The treatment for atrial fibrillation, or Afib, runs on a continuum of care that begins with the least invasive options […]

Silent Afib – A Non-Issue or Something to Be Concerned About?

When we discuss arrhythmias, and in particular, the most common arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation (Afib), we usually think about it in […]

Dual Procedures for the Management of Afib and Its Stroke Risk

Afib, or atrial fibrillation, is the most common cardiac arrhythmia in the US, with upwards of five million people suffering […]

Spotlight on Heart Mapping Technology in Electrophysiology

You may remember a prior post on our website discussing the incredible technology we, as electrophysiologists, have at our fingertips. […]

Dr. Moretta Performs the 100th Ablation on a REAL-AF Study Participant

Dr. Moretta and our team here at Sarasota Memorial Hospital are very excited to be a part of an important, […]

How Does a Plant-Based Diet Affect Atrial Fibrillation (Afib)

Dr. Michael Greger, the prolific author of nutritionfacts.org, recently put together an excellent video on the potential benefits of a […]

The Choice Between Medication & an Afib Procedure

As you have undoubtedly read elsewhere on this website, cardiac arrhythmias, particularly atrial fibrillation or Afib, are prevalent and only […]

The Effectiveness of Medication on Stroke Risk in Afib Patients

The technological advances in medicine and particularly electrophysiology are pretty stunning. Today, we perform many procedures minimally invasively – the […]

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